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We specialize in an exclusive line of skin care products that provide women of various skin tones with an affordable alternative compared to the high-priced cosmetic products currently available. Sus Makeup Company is a beauty brand dedicate to bringing you the best in cruelty-free cosmetics.

We’re all about affordability and inclusivity. We care about your appearance and your skin.


Sus Makeup Company was born with the idea of creating different types of beauty and skin care makeup, founded by Suanny Marilyn Tapias since 2015 in Houston Texas, who has specialized in different institutions worldwide in order to help women feel more self-confident by offering a product with the highest standards of quality and safety, with the aim of positioning the brand in the national and international market. Initially, it began offering 15 different products to the market, carrying out more research for the elaboration of improvements and new creations.


We deliver innovative, professional products that offer exceptional quality with a wide range of colors at accessible pricing: inspiring makeup lovers everywhere to feel beautiful, radiate confidence and have fun while wearing our products.

Some of the strengths and capabilities of our core products as it pertains to shelf life, durability and availability include that all of our products are hand made with all natural ingredients and never tested on animals. 

All of our products use sustainably grown and certified Natural in order to nourish, moisturize, and gently calm and soothe the skin.

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Our Products are

  • Ingredients are derived naturally from the earth.

  • Non-toxic.

  • Not tested on animals.

  • Paraben free.

  • Phthalates free.

  • Sulfates free.

  • Synthetic fragrances free

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